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A new, contemporary fragrance collection by perfumer and artist Freddie Albrighton.
The inspiration - memories and nostalgia... teenage romance, love and loss, family, adventure, life -

Each perfume is deeply personal and relatable; a dreamscape of colour and texture, wearing on your skin like  hazy, distant memories.



Freddie is a self taught perfumer living in Worcestershire, UK.

Working full time as a tattoo artist for 7 years, he has always been a creative, artistic person. However, needing a release from the confines of client briefs and the craft of tattooing, he decided recently to fully embrace his passion for fragrance, launching his own line of perfume with complete freedom of artistic expression. 

His inspiration comes from personal life experiences, trying to capture memories and feelings that feel forgotten and familiar - reminding us of moments in time, people we love, places we’ve been, a state of mind...

Freddie loves to make fragrances that are novel, unique and effortlessly wearable.
Made completely by hand in the UK - this is a collection filled with love, and individuality - have fun exploring!



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